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Cedar Soaking Tubs

Personal Wood Soaking Tubs

Our cedar tubs are hand made in Eugene, Oregon. Years of design have lead to a reliable outdoor wood tub capable of withstanding the elements, also suitable for indoor use. Any of our tubs work equally well for hot soaks and cold plunges. Made to order, completely customizable.

Our tubs are made with Western Red Cedar and are reinforced with clear fiberglass for strength and leak-proofing.

We offer customizations, including size, finishes, and plumbing to ensure you get the perfect soaking tub for your needs.


Cedar Hot Tub

Elemental Soaking Tub

Our Elemental soaking tub is a totally unique design we have developed over years of improvements based on customer feedback. Unlike our ofuro-style tubs, this tub includes armrests that double as raised bench supports as well as a 3″ top lip.

Wood options include western red cedar, Alaskan yellow cedar, in mixed grain or straight.

Typical dimensions: 27″ deep, 28-32″ wide, 44-52″ long.

Price: From $2,995

Ofuro bath tub made in USA

Ofuro Soaking Tub

Our ofuro tubs are deep and custom made to order. These tubs are simple rectangular soakign tubs that can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Typical dimensions: 27″ deep, 25-30″ wide, 38-48″ long.

Price: From $2,095

Outdoor cedar cold plunge tub with roll top

Cold Plunge Tub / Small Wood Tub

Typical dimensions: 27″ deep, 32″ wide x 32″ long.

Price: From $1,495


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