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Cedar Ofuro Soaking Tub


Simple, small footprint, and deep. Designed for outdoors use. Reinforced with clear exterior fiberglass for strength and leak prevention. Good for both hot and cold soaking. Can be used as a salt bath and low volume of water makes it easy to keep clear without the use of harsh chemicals.

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This is our simple, ofuro-inspired soaking tub made to withstand the outdoors. It features a clear fiberglass-reinforcement for strength and leak-proofing. This cedar tub can be used as a hot tub or cold plunge tub. Time to ship is currently 3-4 weeks.

Check out our other products for options on heating, filtration, and lids.



Interior Finish

Natural, Resin

Exterior Finish

Natural, Stained, Shou Sugi Ban (Burn)


Stopper Drain, Spigot, Filter / Heater System, Other (specify in comments)


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