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Japanese-style soaking tubs / Furo / Ofuro

An ofuro is a traditional Japanese soaking tub that is used for relaxation and healing purposes. It is typically made of wood and is deeper and smaller than a standard bathtub, allowing for a more immersive and intimate bathing experience. In Japanese culture, the ofuro is considered a form of meditation and is often used to promote physical and mental relaxation, as well as to promote a sense of well-being.

An ofuro and a hot tub are not the same thing, though we have developed a hybrid that features our favorite parts of both.

Like ofuros, our tubs are smaller and deeper than traditional hot tubs, and they do not have jets or require the chemicals used in larger hot tubs.The tubs we build are designed for one or two people to sit in and soak.

While Japanese tubs are usually made from the cedar family (which includes cypress, also called hinoki in Japanese), our tubs are made from cedar and rely on a clear external fiberglass wrap to keep it water-tight and structurally sound.

An important difference is that Ofuros are typically indoors and filled with water temporarily like a bath while our tubs are designed to work always-on, able to hold hot water continuously like a standard hot tub.

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