Elemental Works

Elemental Works

Heaters, Chillers, Sanitizers and Systems

Electric Heater, Pump, and Thermostat

We can include 110v spa heat and circulation systems designed for always-on heat. These units are designed for traditional larger hot tubs working 24/7 and provide excellent heat and circulation for our smaller tubs. Cost is typically less than a dollar a day to operate continuously. 

Tankless Propane Heater

Tankless propane heaters work great with our tubs, providing the most efficient and fast cold-to-hot heating. They are a low cost way to get started and an excellent option when you don’t plan on heating all the time. This is also an optimum of-the-grid hot tub option. We can help selecting components including heater, thermostat, and circulation pump. We sell all connectors to get going. 

Cold Plunge Chillers

We can guide you to the right chiller for your needs. Our tubs can be fitted to work with any chillers and we can provide all necessary connections parts and support.  

Filtration and Sanitizers

One of our favorite aspects of our small tubs is that it’s not necessary to use harsh bromine or chlorine chemicals to keep the water clean. Spa systems are designed to filter and sanitize much larger volumes of water and have no trouble keep Elemental tubs clean. Our heating systems include optiosn for small particle and mineral sanitizers. 






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