Elemental Works

Elemental Works

Wood Outdoor Soaking Tubs
Hand Made in Eugene, Oregon

February 2024 –

To counter the high cost of freight shipping, we are working on making build plans available. We are creating detailed step-by-step plans including materials, tools and costs to have our design built for you locally. If you are interested please contact us to learn more. If you are on the US West Coast, reach out to find out about delivery or pick up options. 

January 2024 –

Warm Greetings, Fellow Soakers,

We’re very grateful for our kindred clientele that have developed a connection with our designs. Your enthusiasm and shared appreciation have been the cornerstone of our journey. As we continue into 2024, our commitment to crafting one-of-a-kind pieces continues, while evolving in a new direction.

To manage the demand with our production capacity we are introducing a waitlist along side a selection of pre-built soaking tubs. If you have a distinctive project or request that reflects your personal vision please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.

With our shared vision of simple and natural soaking, your satisfaction is our priority, and if necessary, we are prepared to recommend alternative providers to ensure you find the perfect tub for your needs.

Our commitment is rooted in a shared passion for the personal enjoyment of onsen-style water soaking in wooden tubs. We are dedicated to helping people experience this wonderfully simple and rejuvenating hot or cold soaking experience.

Elemental Relaxation

Inspired by traditional Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs, we hand craft rectangular cedar tubs for outdoor hot and cold soaking.

Simplified luxury: Our personal wood tubs offer comfort and reliability, an alternative to traditional large plastic hot tubs with a beautiful, immersive natural experience.

Easy maintenance: With a low water volume,  it’s possible to enjoy a clean, chemical-free soaking experience.

Cedar rectangular hottub ofuro natural interior



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